Our accredited apprenticeship programmes are designed to complement employers’ existing in-house training provision and improve each learner’s knowledge, skills and behaviours as part of their career development.

As an education innovator, we constantly adapt our products and services and invest heavily in the development of our online platforms, all with the aim of creating a better learning experience.

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Here at Instep UK Ltd we truly believe our mission statement - ‘We develop businesses by developing people’ and this underpins everything that we do.

At Instep we have an innovative approach to delivery that meets the needs of our learners and employers. We deliver through classroom-based modules, a bespoke VLE and one-to-one sessions with learners.

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Is it possible...

It is possible to have a development programme that meets your organisation’s needs perfectly…

It is possible that Off the Job learning engages learners in the types of activity you need them to do as a business…

It is possible that all the learning is seamlessly recorded ready as evidence at the End Point Assessment…

Our Experience

Just because we follow a set curriculum, does not mean ‘off the shelf’! We still adopt the same approach as with all our work and we ensure that, whilst you utilise Apprenticeship Levy funding, you are still seeing the desired business impact and change within your organisation, teams and individuals.

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Partnership is key

We’re actually quite picky about who we work with in delivering Apprenticeship qualifications!

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