A toast to greater managers!


Case Study

The Customer

Founded in 1876, Warburtons is extremely proud of its tradition, heritage and now its presence as one of the leading and most recognised brands in UK food manufacturing. The company produces two million bakery products every day at its 12 sites across mainland UK.

The Vision

To develop junior, middle level and technical specialist managers to enable them to find ways to continually improve and innovate.

To provide participants with practical tools that enabled them to develop a greater self-awareness of their present leadership style and personal strengths and weaknesses.

To develop the people who had moved roles through internal succession.

The Discovery

We were invited to take part in a tender process with Warburtons and based on our style, approach and learning resources we were selected to partner with Warburtons on their management development programme.

The Process

We visited a number of different Warburtons sites to achieve a full understanding of the organisation.

To completed a proposal detailing our recommended approach based on the information we gathered whilst we spent time on site.

We created ‘real life’ case studies to support the learning to be transferred back in role.

The Solution

  • Proposed different programmes for each of the two groups of the manager population;
    • An eight-day Acquire programme for managers new to the role
    • An Inspire programme for established managers consisting of two days introductory training and then five optional one day modules
  • A bespoke 360° system was used as a precursor to both programmes
  • Line Manager briefings and action planning were used to encourage transfer of learning
  • Repetition of the 360° feedback built in to take place three months after completion of the process to provide participants and their line managers with key data on progress made.

Attending these courses has increased the confidence of our managers, who are now enthusiastically trying out different tools and techniques from the programmes. Two of the most popular techniques are the ‘Five Why’s’ to drill down to the core information and using a range of influencing skills for different people. The results have been commented on by the line managers of attendees who are now reporting less issues being escalated and teams being better able to implement required changes.

Learning and Development Manager