26 March 2021


Employer Voice

The Customer

Vodafone’ purpose is to “connect for a better future” and their expertise and scale gives customers a unique opportunity to drive positive change for society. Their networks keep family, friends, businesses and governments connected and – as COVID-19 has clearly demonstrated – they play a vital role in keeping economies running and the functioning of critical sectors like education and healthcare.

Vodafone is the largest mobile and fixed network operator in Europe, is the world’s largest IoT connectivity provider, and their M-Pesa technology platform in Africa enables over 42 million people to benefit from access to mobile payments and financial services. Vodafone operate mobile and fixed networks in 21 countries and partner with mobile networks in 48 more.

Here’s what Vodafone said about Instep:

As a company we have been successful utilising apprenticeships to build key skills and capabilities across the organisation. We found Instep through the need to invest more in our manager coaching skills. We were looking for a provider capable of driving both best practice and personalised learning journeys for the unique needs of our management population. Instep have been a very supportive partner and have allowed us to be both assertive with our goals and agile enough to cope with our operational commitments for the success of the programme. The Instep team have worked collaboratively throughout the set up and have proactively understood the Spirit of Vodafone to embed our culture, purpose and strategy throughout the programme delivery.

We are amazed at the speed and the level of service Instep provide for both our programme team as well as all learners. We are entering the next phase beyond the pilot group for Level 5 Coaching with Instep and excited how we can further embed the Level 5 Coaching Apprenticeship.

Gemma Ward, Learning & Capabilities – Vodafone