United Utilities

Why lunch is the most important meal of the day for United Utilities


Case Study

Delivering training to a large workforce can be difficult when the training team is experienced but small and their budget limited.

This was the problem that United Utilities, the UK’s largest listed water company, faced when they approached us for ideas about how to present bite-sized training sessions to a large number of staff.


Our Solution

Our solution was a concept called Lunch & Learn, which was an immediate success. Working with the United Utilities team we developed a number of topics within the range which would be developed during this working lunch activity. Employees were invited to short, sharp training sessions over lunch, focusing on the core areas for the development of the organisation.

Lunch & Learn proved so popular that it formed the basis of an entirely new concept, Reputation Matters. This was conceived to impress upon the workforce the importance of their own role in enhancing and maintaining the company’s reputation at all times and shows a real appetite for success.

Reputation Matters demonstrated how we work with a company’s trainers to deliver key messages using a detailed and comprehensive brief, which relies on the client’s detailed knowledge of their own business. Listening really matters too!

Lunch & Learn and Reputation Matters have gone viral within United Utilities. The training team has undergone thorough training in order to be able to boost the confidence and skills they needed to conduct the sessions and pass on vital training messages to the workforce. Proof positive that effective training and cooperation certainly is food for thought.