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Through the evolution of Instep UK , Instep Logistics was launched in 2021 bringing together almost 200 years of collective logistics expertise to the business, with one aim in mind. To bring to market dynamic, high quality and impactful transport and logistics apprenticeships, commercial training and skills development solutions.

Our logistics apprenticeships are wedded to the strategic goals of our employer partners ensuring their people strategy is placed firmly at the heart of their workforce development skills needs, succession plans and routes for career development and progression for their colleagues.

The Instep Logistics team have a genuine passion in helping our clients attract and retain the best talent through learning and development showcasing a ‘Career in Logistics’ as a fantastic career choice.

Our mission is simple. To strengthen business one person at a time.

Our Apprenticeships


Warehousing & Distribution

Logistics Leadership & managing and aspiring leaders

Logistics Administration

Why Choose Instep Logistics?

  • 61% LGV pass rate
  • 97% Theory pass rate
  • North West driver training centre with own Class 1 and Class 2 fleet
  • National supply chain of testing partners
  • Dedicated planning team to manage end to end licence acquisition process, medicals, licences, theory and practical training
  • Frequent detailed management reports and dashboard data on student progress
  • Assigned client management team to support all aspects of the account and the projects
  • Service proposition is market-leading – we are commercially focused and business and student centric and the service we provide to our clients is one of our top priorities.
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Our Services

Logistics Apprenticeships

Our apprenticeship delivery programmes are co-created with our clients so content and tone aligns to the strategic objectives and aims of our clients business. Our team integrate work-based projects and focus on areas of the business where there could be challenges so we can see a form of operational improvement as a tangible result. Problem solving and innovation is a golden-thread throughout all of our apprenticeships to encourage students to use critical thinking and basic analytics to find solutions to every day issues.

Our apprenticeships include the following;

What we offer

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Warehousing & Distribution

  • Supply Chain Practitioner, Level 3
  • Supply Chain Operator, Level 2 (Traffic Office or Removals)
  • Supply Chain Warehouse Operative, Level 2  

Logistics leadership & management and aspiring leaders

  • Transport & Warehousing Operations Supervisor, Level 3
  • Coaching Professional, Level 5
  • Logistics Management (Team Leader, L3)
  • Transport Manager (Ops Departmental Manager, L5)
  • Associate Project Manager, Level 4

Logistics Administration

  • Business Administrator, Level 3
  • Customer Service Practitioner, Level 2
  • Customer Service Specialist, Level 3

For a full list of our Transport & Logistics commercial courses or more information please contact

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With over almost 200 years of collective experience working in transport and logistics, our team are highly skilled at the development, design and facilitation of dynamic, innovative training programmes and take a blended approach in learning interventions to cater to different learning styles and working environments. Our proven and tested approach in blended learning, balances a combination of training room group workshops, digital learning in a virtual learning environment (VLE) , 1:1 coaching, work-based projects and live work scenarios.

We are business and student centric in equal measure, from the very beginning of our client journey, engage with a wide range of key stakeholders through our Discovery process, ensuring the ‘Intent, Implementation and Impact’ of learning and development projects is appropriate and relevant, and the quality of the learning experience is aligned to the organisations strategic objectives, solutions-focused to organisational challenges and ultimately improves the skills, lives and businesses of our clients and students.

Our ambition to be the transport and logistics apprenticeship provider of choice is underpinned by our passion for logistics and to ‘do our bit’ in future-proofing our sectors workforce. And with £262m paid into the apprenticeship levy by logistics organisations and those businesses with a large logistics division, we work in authentic partnership with our clients to bring about innovation and maximise the effective utilisation of their levy so it benefits their people, their organisation and their business strategy.

Our mission is simple. To service businesses and people in logistics and provide high quality learning and development experiences strengthening business, one person at a time.

Talent Attraction - Careers in Logistics

Early Careers

Making careers in logistics requires national collaboration. We work with many organisations to support the perception of what a career in logistics means, and through this collaboration, we continue to advocate the many different career opportunities there are for young people.

It starts with education and working with third party organisations, logistics people and businesses and schools engagement, we have a commitment to continue that work. Our team support the Early Careers strategy and will co-develop forward-thinking EC apprenticeship projects with our clients designed to showcase different facets to working in logistics and the career opportunities that are available.

Our employer partnership projects are to grow a diverse workforce for our future logistics generation and we help identify and develop talent through our early careers apprenticeship initiatives and talent attraction schemes.

Instep Training vehicle

People Development - supercharge your skills and training programme

Recognising and developing emerging talent and high performers in a business is crucial to its future success. Equally, crucial, is the development of the skills and performance of colleagues – we see learning and development as a key employer responsibility to provide its employees.
According to Be the Business, one

“The vast majority of large organisations have a learning and development budget, compared with just a third of SMEs,”

said the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in its report Learning and skills at work 2020. Meanwhile, a remarkable 94 per cent of employees say they will stay at a company longer if it invests in their learning and career development, according to LinkedIn’s Workforce Learning Report 2019.

Alongside that, launching an apprenticeship scheme is a great way to recruit talented, enthusiastic people into your business in a cost-effective way while also injecting new energy, ideas and experience. According to one government survey, 86 per cent of employers reported that they had benefitted from developing relevant skills by hiring apprentices. Research from the National Apprenticeship Survey revealed that hiring apprentices improved staff retention for 69 per cent of companies.

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