Teri Manning – Learner Voice – Level 2 Customer Service

21 February 2020


Learner Voice

A brief biography on the learner:

I work as a support co-ordinator at the Connells Group, splitting my time between the CMS Support team and offer checking teams. I have returned to work after having two children and have been back in work since July 2018. In my spare time, I enjoy arts and crafts such as knitting and have always enjoyed studying. I have also enjoyed volunteering and have had various roles throughout my life.

I would like a job in a higher role within Connells Group as I don’t always feel challenged. I feel like I have skills and I hoped that this course would help me to hone some of my skills to make me a more attractive proposition for people and makes giving me a role of responsibility more attractive. I want to build a career and not just have a job.

Before being at Connells, I had been out of work for 4 years. For me, getting back into work when running a household and looking after children have been a massive achievement. I graduated university 5 years ago having completed a BSc Human Resources Management course.

I previously completed volunteering such as volunteering at the London 2012 Paralympics and the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games (this I did whilst pregnant). I would love to do a bit once my kids are a little older.

Why the programme suited them:

I feel like now the programme has finished that I have achieved my goal of improving on my customer service. Having had multiple roles through the programme, I feel like I have achieved a huge amount which I never thought to be possible. I am now working as a mortgage coordinator, spending my day on the phone to brokers and clients. I feel like I understand the importance of making a phone call and building the rapport with people not just the client but the broker who is my internal customer.

My colleagues have noticed that my work is thorough and that I am good at remembering the details of my clients and what is happening with their cases.

What they got out of it:

I have enjoyed being a learner and feel like the apprenticeship has helped me immeasurably at work. I feel like I have gained some confidence and used some of the skills I have gained in this to bag myself a new position. I felt more prepared for the interview and questions such as, ‘what does good customer service mean to you?’ I feel like I understand more the importance of responding to emails as a client feels more respected and involved if they know what is happening with their case. I also have learnt the importance of not putting a time frame on something and feel like I am improving my knowledge everyday through work and actually doing things. I look forward to the next few weeks and starting my next chapter at work.

I intend to take the level 3 customer service as I still feel like I can improve further on what I am doing. I want to continue to develop and keep building strong relationships with those around me, continuing to work well with my brokers to progress their cases

Manager’s Comments:

Since Teri started the Instep Apprenticeship back in January, I have seen a vast improvement in her customer service skills, especially when speaking over the phone with mortgage consultants and lenders.

One of the things Teri has learnt is that when communicating, words, tone of voice and body language are the top three most important aspects. Teri has also learnt how the three combine with each other to provide the best approach to communicating. I believe this is a lesson Teri will take away and use in everyday life. I find that Teri is quite a perfectionist and likes everything to be right. She always gives her very best and takes pride in her work. Teri works hard and always looks to be in control of her tasks

At the beginning of July, Teri expressed to me that she would like to put together a Personal Development Plan so she can see what she needs to do in order to progress. At present, Teri has a PDP in place and has also been offered a position in the Mortgage Business Unit. This is a great achievement for Teri and I look forward to supporting Teri further.