The Adult Education Budget (AEB) can help kick-start careers. It is a government-funded programme that can be accessed by employers and individuals to fund a huge range of training and is a great resource for employers to upskill their workforce, both new recruits and existing team members, and support staff with their career progression.

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The Programmes

The programmes are generally delivered at Level 1 and Level 2 and in the first instance, offer recruitment opportunities to those individuals who may be a previously untapped pool of talent for your business. Programmes that can be provided utilising AEB funding are aimed at upskilling learners to remove as many barriers as possible to them returning to work and support them in to sustainable and progressive career opportunities.

How Instep Utilise the Funding

At Instep, we utilise our AEB funding via Sector-based Work Academy Programmes (SWAPs) which can be branded and tailored to suit your needs as a business. The structure is usually delivery of one or two short courses (lasting no more than three weeks) but where outcomes are gained quickly and at a level equivalent to those of GCSE qualifications. As part of this process, we ensure delivery of interview preparation specific to your business, as well as a Mental Health Awareness session to support resilience and mental well-being in the workplace. Instep manage the whole process in line with your stipulations and those of the funding streams accessed, ensuring that the candidates who come forward for interview are those who have shown tenacity, enthusiasm and commitment as well as having achieved accreditations.

The Results

We pride ourselves on showcasing an exceptionally high conversion rate into employment, upwards of 85%* from course completion to commencing work. In turn, this provides a wide range of employer benefits, from huge potential reductions in recruitment costs to a workforce that is truly invested in your business and who promote and exude brand loyalty from day one.

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*Figure as of February 2021


Here’s what our Referral Partner said:

Aliya and Rachel at Instep/AO have been outstanding.  We had clients with the most challenging barriers to work, however, Rachel and Aliya offered additional support to those clients, who have been made offers of employment and are now on permanent contracts AO.  Over 90% of our clients who completed the course, have now started AO. Over 90% is phenomenal conversion. Rachel and Aliya make things happen. When your client gets a result and tells you all about it, it’ll give you goosebumps, I promise you.

Here’s what one of our Learners said:

I really enjoyed the course, the tutor was good to work with. He helped us all and we had a laugh – I couldn’t say a bad word about him. I’d definitely recommend the course to anyone who’s looking to get into the line of work.

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