SEWS Europe

Hard-wired for success with a Coaching Culture


Case Study

The Customer

SEWS Europe is responsible for the design, manufacture and supply of fuse boxes and electronics, wiring harnesses and connectors to the European automotive industry.

The Vision

For managers to be transient and be able to continually develop an ever growing list of transferable skills.

To drive consistency and compatibility within the overall organisation.

To enable managers to add real value and to drive the achievement of organisational goals and objectives.

The Discovery

We have worked with SEWS-E since 2008 where we were initially selected to design and deliver a Team Leader development programme followed up with Train the Trainer development to enable the training to be owned in house.

Since 2010 we have worked in partnership to develop their internal talent. Delivering an ILM accredited Level Five Leadership & Management diploma, to date we have delivered four programmes across five sites internationally.

Recently in 2015 we are working together to create a Coaching Culture throughout the business.

The Process

We completed a diagnostic to fully understand the outcomes that the development intervention needed to deliver.

We developed a wider understanding of the organisation to enable us to create a programme that fit both the development needs and the learning culture of the organisation.

We built robust measurable outcomes into the solution to ensure the success of the investment.

The Solution

  • Designed and delivered an eleven module development programme in partnership with SEWS-E for first line managers
  • Supported SEWS-E to identify trainers in each of their eight operating countries
  • Delivered Train the Trainer sessions at our UK Training centre to enable
  • SEWS-E to own the delivery of the development programme
  • Went on to deliver a six module ILM accredited talent development programme to support the middle management population to drive success
  • Delivery of a two-day Coaching programme.

The Results

  • A global definition and job description for an SEWS Team Leader has been achieved
  • Experienced and skilled Trainers in place across the European countries delivering the Team Leader programme
  • Career development opportunities through succession planning
  • Reduced staff turnover and absenteeism
  • An overall increased focus on people development as a means of improving the profitability of the organisation

We at Sews-E were very careful about selecting a training organisation which would meet our needs. We do not have a ready acceptance of attendance at training programmes. The success of this programme would have an effect not just on the Team Leaders but across the whole company.
Instep was selected from a number of companies scoring highly on the following criteria: Quality of offering, flexibility, value for money and friendliness. All of these qualities were evident in the successful delivery of the programme. Instep have gone beyond what was asked of them and they have been an excellent supplier to the SEWS-E organisation.


Sumitomo Electrical Wiring Systems Europe

Head of HR