Principles of Leadership and Management Case Study

John from Elcometer shares his learning experience during his learning journey.


Case Study

The course pushes you further than you thought you can go!

It’s changed who I am and how I interact with others

John from Elcometer has recently completed the Level 3 Certificate in the Principles of Leadership and Management (CMI) with the team at Instep UK.  

John first started working for Elcometer back in 2017 as a Product Development Manager. After a short stint away from the organisation as Head of Engineering and Technology for a start up organisation he returned to the company and became a Product Manager. John has always invested significantly in his own personal development and he has undertaken over 500 LinkedIn Learning courses.  

When Louise Putland, Employer Engagement Manager for Instep UK, first introduced John to the management programme he was keen to learn more. After a few conversations with Louise, he soon decided that the Level 3 Certificate was the perfect next step for him to quench his thirst for learning. It was the content of the 10 weeks programme that appealed most to John, who has aspirations of progressing in his career in the manufacturing sector to an Operations Director one day.  

When John spoke to Senior Managers at Elcometer about the opportunity they were supportive of him undertaking the course and were delighted that he would receive full funding for the course from the European Social Fund (ESF) through the Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s three-year Skills for Growth programme.  

Speaking about his experience on the course John talked passionately about the topics he covered over the 10 weeks. He recalled specifically how the session focussing on problem solving really helped him to bring everything he had learned in previous weeks together. John declared that his learning has changed him and his mindset in the workplace for the better. He attributes this change in himself to the depth in which the course goes into and the empowerment from the tutor for him and his fellow cohort to succeed.  

Reflecting on the assignments that he produced as part of his course, John noted that it took some discipline to produce work to the high standard expected for the programme. However, having the constant and timely support and guidance of his tutor really made the difference to him being able to succeed.  

Overall Johns speaks exceptionally highly of his experience on the course and the support that his dedicated tutor, Gillian Millen, provided throughout his learning journey.  When asked what he would tell others about the course he said

this is going to be one of the toughest things you are going to do this year, but it will be totally worth it and you’ll change your mindset for the better”.

It is no shock therefore to learn that John would recommend the course without hesitation to anyone wishing to develop themselves and/or their career.    

Having completed the course and gained his Level 3 qualification John is now considering undertaking further learning and is even considering applying for an MBA!