Play your part in the National recovery #NAW2021 – Build the Future

27 January 2021



Is your business focussed on change and transformation? Are you looking for ways to support your staff to become more agile, flexible, and multi-skilled?

Over the last 12 months Instep has supported 48 Levy businesses to build capabilities to achieve their strategy and growth plans with a focus on –

  • Recognising restraints of working from home and empower leaders to empower their teams
  • Providing opportunity for all linked to talent and capability
  • Change management style to a people approach
  • Inspiring and motivating to fulfil potential
  • Supporting the ever-increasing pace of change and agility
  • Leading and driving change in leadership span of control


In support of #NAW2021 we are working with employers who have pledged that at least 21 of their colleagues will join professional development programmes in February across –

  • Coaching
  • Leadership & Management
  • Customer Service
  • Operational Excellence
  • Sales
  • Learning & Development


Get in touch today to find out how Instep can support your roadmap to recovery and join the #NAW2021 pledge to build the future!!