Moy Park

How changing the focus of managers led to more efficient supply of chicken with our bespoke Management Development Programme.


Case Study

The Customer

We equipped 400 employees of one of the largest producers of organic, free range and corn fed poultry in Europe with the skills to communicate and drive performance. Find out exactly how we helped to make the supply of chickens more efficient.

A leading provider of fresh, locally farmed poultry in the UK & Ireland who is recognised as one of the largest producers of organic, free range & corn fed poultry in Europe

The Vision

  • To be the most effective and efficient organisation of their kind in the industry.
  • To move the leadership model from transactional to transformational.
  • To improve morale and in turn engagement.
  • To have empowered management teams who are able to make good decisions.
  • To create greater levels of accountability and ownership.

The Discovery

We were fortunate to have had the opportunity to have worked with some key members of Moy Park’s senior team previously when they worked in a different organisation.

We had a long-standing relationship and had delivered five years of business impacting development.

We were invited to tender based on our reputation and were delighted to be chosen to support the development strategy.

The Process

We worked in partnership with Moy Park to define the requirements of the programme and the results that needed to be achieved, and built a bespoke development solution.

We used a delivery style that created the right impact and memorable learning.

We put the transfer of learning principles at the heart of the solution.

We engaged the senior leadership team.

The Solution

  • Redefined the role of the Line Manager
  • Designed a programme of development in partnership with Moy Park
  • Focused on required skills, opportunity to practise and transfer of learning
  • Established commitment from the senior team
  • Supported the senior team to create space to enable their team members to perform at the required level and embed the learning
  • Measured success through layered confirmation, feedback and end of programme reviews

The Results

Managers are demonstrating they are thinking and behaving differently by generating cost saving solutions as a result of attending the programme – one individual success led to a cost saving of 2.5k per week – that’s 130k per year just from one manager!

Moy Park has seen employee engagement survey results improve year on year from 69% (2012) to 71% (2013) to 74% (2014).

We are delighted to be working in partnership with the award winning Moy Park who have just been recognised with their latest achievement by the CIPD NI for Best Learning and Development Strategy. We play a key role in the delivery of this through the EDGE Management Development Programme and the Accelerate Future Leaders Programme. Working with the Moy Park team, we are able to fully understand what they are aiming to achieve and support them in bringing their strategy to life leading to increased performance and engagement across the business.