Making Space

Caring and committed to the transfer of learning


Case Study

The Customer

Making Space is a national charity and leading provider of adult health and social care services. They have created a culture focused on engagement, wellbeing and innovation to enable their team to champion their values.

They have a passion for people development and a clear vision of what they want to achieve in the future. Our role for the last 8 years has been to support them to achieve this future vision

The Vision

To define and implement a development plan that is aligned to the strategic future growth plan.

To support the charity’s investment in a performance management system by providing people managers with the required skills.

To drive improved performance against Key Performance Indicators.

The Discovery

Making Space has been a valued client of ours since 2007 and we have partnered with them on several development programmes.

Our regular client reviews, which we put in place to ensure our clients are getting the most from the development they invest in, created an opportunity for Making Space to talk to us about what they wanted to achieve. During this conversation we identified that performance management was the next natural step in their development journey.

The Process

Engaged with the HR team to fully understand the development need.

Captured any current challenges and barriers to performance management prior to creating the solution.

Familiarised ourselves with the Performance Management system that Making Space had invested in to enable us to create bespoke training directly linked to this system

The Solution

  • Completed a full diagnostic with the Making Space HR team to identify expected learning outcomes.
  • Engaged with the area management team to gain their commitment to the development programme and approach.
  • Created bespoke performance management training aligned to the system that the client had selected.
  • Invited and supported a senior manager to open the session to demonstrate their commitment to and the significance of the development programme.
  • Provided the area management team with a full overview of the development programme prior to launch.
  • Developed takeaway resources action plans to support the transfer of learning.

The Results

The Making Space management team are consistently measuring performance across the organisation