Each of our learners will receive high-quality materials to enable their learning throughout the programme.

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The main body of the materials for our leadership development programmes are inspired by and developed from our very own ‘Essence of…’ booklets which we have crafted and perfected over the last 20+ years. Each booklet contains a variety of models, hints, tips, tools, advice and guidance which are brought to life by our fantastic trainers in their workshops, enabling learners to transfer their learning effectively into the workplace. Within the booklet and as a refresher to the training, each model contains an overview and clear guidance on how to use the model.

We want our materials to look their very best when they reach you, so we have all our materials printed professionally and on demand – which means you’ll never receive a dusty booklet taken off the shelf! In addition to our ‘Essence of…’ booklets, our workshops have a variety of practical activities, card games, teamwork and group discussions meaning that no two workshops are the same and learners are not sitting down for the whole day!

To reinforce the learning, the walls are adorned with our very own poster set relating to the subject matter being covered in that session. At the end of each session, learners are invited to take the posters for their office if they wish, so they serve as a reminder to implement their learning day-to-day.

All of our learning materials can be branded to fit with your businesses brand guidelines – our fully branded option. Alternatively, you can receive your supported materials in the standard form – free from any branding.

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