The ultimate self-awareness tool

Packtypes at Work provides the language, framework and ability to transform performance and relationships.

It achieves this through inspiring an on-going cycle of revealing conversations, insightful personal reflection and purposeful action. Packtypes at Work is changing the way individuals, teams and whole organisations see themselves and how they interact and deal with each other, ultimately increasing engagement and improving performance.

Packtypes at Work helps you introduce Packtypes across your organisation; transforming self-awareness and understanding, generating engagement and energy and driving improved individual, team and organisational performance.

Most importantly, Packtypes at Work is accessible and cost-effective enough to use with everyone in your organisation, so you won’t leave anyone behind.

What is it?

The ultimate self-awareness tool!

Using recognised psychology contained within a pack of cards, Packtypes provides a quick, effective and fun way to significantly increase self-awareness which improves both individual and team performance and communication.

Not only do you learn about yourself, you also learn how other people see you. The greater understanding you have of yourself, the more you begin to understand other people.

Equipped with this level of understanding you have the ability to master the art of adjusting how you behave in response to different situations and people.

Packtypes is highly situational so the more you play; the more you learn.

How it works

Packtypes provides a quick, effective and fun way to significantly increase self-awareness and improve individual and team performance.

Featuring an engaging visual metaphor on one side and positive, descriptive words on the other, each pack contains 64 cards and 8 different ‘Packtypes’. Each Packtype represents a collection of different attributes, behaviours and preferences. By choosing the most relevant cards and then turning them over, you learn about your personal strengths and attributes.

You profile yourself, you profile other people and they profile you. Not only do you learn about yourself, you also learn how other people see you. Also the better you understand yourself, the more you begin to understand other people. Next you master the art of adjusting how you behave in response to different situations and people. Packtypes is highly situational so the more you play; the more you learn.

Packtypes Self Awareness cards are supported by an informative personal guide covering the key points of play, with space for recording interesting and revealing profiles and allowing you to track progress.lay; the more you learn.

Meet the Pack



Hounds are the creative ones known for their risk taking, individuality and ability to generate new ideas



Pointers are the most analytical of the Packtypes and love detail, facts, certainty and learning stuff


Guard Dogs

Guard dogs love making things happen and focus on winning, getting results and getting people moving



Terriers enjoy rolling up their sleeves and getting on with whatever needs to be done



Coachdogs are 'people people' and enjoy building relationships, listening to people and looking after their friends



Mastiffs are natural communicators who enjoy socialising and sharing ideas. They're usually the life and soul of the party



Retrievers are often the most dependable of the Packtypes and like to do the right thing for what they believe are the right reasons



Sheepdogs love planning, organising and controlling everything that is going on

What out clients say

Anything that reduces absenteeism and transforms employee engagement in the NHS is a must right now.

Packtypes is completely unparalleled in increasing self awareness rapidly with different audiences and anything that reduces absenteeism and transforms employee engagement in the NHS is a must right now.

Previously I had utilised psychometric tools like MBTI and OPQ for profiling purposes and in comparison I found Packtypes much quicker, more fun, and easier to interpret and apply.

Packtypes is so flexible and easily applied in recruitment, team building, conflict management and leadership development. We are embedding Packtypes within our people systems and processes and will be using it to develop the Trust’s behavioural framework which will be integrated into the whole Personal Development Review and talent management process.

Suzanne Douglas, Organisational Development Manager
Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

When I was first introduced to Packtypes I was intrigued.

As soon as I started playing it immediately became clear just how much Packtypes can help both individuals and teams in any work place. I have since used it with friends as well and know exactly what it can achieve.

Jessy Ferguson, House Manager at The Brand Exchange

My business is a pioneer in both technology and customer service and Packtypes is a brilliant way of delivering the behaviours needed to achieve outstanding performance.

Packtypes’ genius is helping all our staff, from our technicians to our call centre teams, recognise their own strengths as individuals and then play to them as part of a total team.

I can’t afford to take people off the shop floor for expensive training days, so the ease of implementation and rapid return on investment are the ideal way for us to achieve more with less whilst continuously driving up customer service.

Chris Eldridge, CEO, Autorestore

Packtypes is an extraordinary tool.

Its accuracy is uncanny and the immediacy of its insights even more so. The intricacies and pitfalls of team building can now all be seen as opportunities

David Meliveo, Head of Consumer Marketing & Promotions, Royal London

I have spent a lifetime thinking about human insight and motivation. My job in building client brands depends on it.

Packtypes is the most brilliant and accessible tool to build better human interactions across the board; from within my own team; with client teams or building better creative briefs. Nothing has had such an immediate and profound impact on how we do what we do.

Ed Will, Founding Partner at Breakfast

Packtypes was introduced to Durham Constabulary back in 2011 and received an instant positive reaction. It is such a quick, versatile and cost effective way to increase self awareness, that not only has it increased performance, it’s also boosted energy levels!

Packtypes plays a huge part in enhancing our culture. Life around Durham Constabulary feels significantly different. We’ve reduced sickness and are enjoying higher levels of victim satisfaction, public confidence and public engagement and crime levels are lower than ever.

Communication with members of the public has also improved and by providing Packtypes Cards to partners, we have greatly improved relationships with some of our hardest to reach groups.

There is no better feeling than when someone ‘completely gets you’ using Packtypes; you feel properly understood. The look on a colleague’s face whilst being profiled is priceless, people feel totally inspired, yet are still curious to learn more about themselves; it’s outstanding.

Playing Packtypes has led to conversations that wouldn’t ordinarily happen. Officers and other staff are happier to express their feelings openly and talk about tensions and issues. As an organisation we are more motivated, have a greater sense of purpose. We are also more open to feedback at all levels and curious and willing to learn from the way other people perceive us. The overall effect is a huge boost to Force confidence.

DS Hannah Bell, Leadership and Business Change Manager, Durham Constabulary

We are in the process of transforming our UK agencies. Having reshaped our structure & operating model, we thought it would be a great opportunity to empower & engage our people using Packtypes.

We are finding out a lot about ourselves and each other through play which often ends in quite deep and significant discussion. We are embarking on a number of activities both internally within our company and also with our clients which use Packtypes in many different ways to help us to gain insight and plan next steps for our UK businesses.

We are very pleased to have bumped into Will at the NEC last year and to have him involved in our journey.

Juliet Harris, HR Director, Publicis Healthcare

Introducing the
Packtypes Asda Family

Like many retailers today, Asda has had to respond to changing market conditions by reinventing itself. To help them transform the way people think, relate to each other and respond to new challenges, Asda chose to adopt our Packtypes ‘Typicons’ model and we created the unique ‘Asda Family’ especially for them.

Sparky, Hotshot and co have found a special place in the heart of Asda colleagues and the whole Asda Family concept has taken Asda by storm. Personal growth and team development have gone from being a chore or a task to something people embrace and are passionate about. 25,000 colleagues have already been equipped with their own Packtypes Cards and Materials and Packtypes is now being integrated into every aspect of how Asda develop and manage their people.

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Packtypes has been so well received and the fact that it is simple and easy to use has made it user friendly from the outset.

Packtypes is different to other self awareness tools in that it focuses equally on relationships and how other people see you. This is just one amazing aspect of Packtypes.'

Owen Hickey, Senior Manager, Culture Development, Asda

Another really powerful Packtypes experience is what we call Packtyping the 'Wow You'!

Colleagues choose the 12 cards (character traits / behaviours) that best reflect the person they want to become over the next 12 months. Once they have chosen these cards they compare them to their current profile and are able to realistically reflect on the scale of the development challenge they face.

This is when the real magic begins. In fact our leaders now use this exercise as the main thrust of their personal development plans.

Packtypes is reshaping the way we think and talk about people

I am continually being asked to provide additional Packtypes Cards and Books to new teams across the business.

Packtypes is filtering deep into our language and culture and has started to reshape the way we think and talk about developing people across Asda.

See what Packtypes can do for you