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We cannot expect a Team Leader working on a production line in food manufacturing to have the same learning preference as a middle manager leading an IT function in the same company’s Head Office.

Just as we tailor what we deliver, we’re very proud of the fact that we also tailor how we deliver it. Our resources are designed and packaged to feel like quality, so people trust the quality on the pages!

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Post-it Notes Team Building Exercise Personal Effectiveness Handbook


Our in-house design team has produced a wide range of learning resources, often completely branded to our clients’ own brands, to complement the training we deliver.

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One-to-one conversations

Virtual Learning

As well as suiting learners more so than hard copies of materials, whether by preference or environment, virtual learning also gives scope to a much wider range of additional learning materials, as well as helping learners to record their progress along their development journeys. We currently have two Virtual Learning Environments which cater to different types of programmes.

Instep Online to support our Apprenticeship learners in their qualification and recording their progress as evidence.

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Packtypes at work


The ultimate self-awareness tool

Packtypes at Work provides the language, framework and ability to transform performance and relationships.

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Blindfold Exercise Dotted Line

and Branded

We understand that for some businesses, brand identity is highly important to them, so it’s a priority to make sure the training materials look and feel like them too.

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All consultants I have worked with have been flexible, creative and responsive to our needs. We didn’t want an ‘off the shelf’ product, and as such, we have been supported to deliver a bespoke and professional programme in a very short time frame.

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