Diversity and difference are our guiding principles. Our approach is tailored and unique to each client.

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We work quickly and closely with you to understand your business and your learners. We design our solutions in partnership; unless you sign-off our design, it doesn’t get delivered!


Cultural Fit

Instep has a team of highly skilled trainers with a wealth of relevant customer service experience. Instep will advise on best fit and give you the choice of who delivers your programmes. When you meet someone from our team, you’ll not only see and hear their enthusiasm for people development, but also experience their dedication to ensure you achieve the desired results.

Our highly-skilled trainer and consultant team really do know what they’re talking about. That’s because they come from the ‘real world’ of business. All are former directors and managers with experience working in both public and private sectors.


Landing the Learning

Design​ We design the learning so that it directly matches what the learners need to achieve
Launch​ We launch the learning in a way that engages all partners
Making it Easy​ We engage Line Managers by ‘Landing the Learning’
Head’s Up​ There will be a handful of things to think about, consider or do
Actions & Commitments​ We always encourage learners to commit to what they are going to implement and commit to making it happen
Have a Go​ There will always be things to put the learning into practise, so it becomes new learnt behaviour


Return on Investment & Expectation

We always start with the end in mind; this way we enable our programmes to drive the outcomes you are looking to achieve within your organisation, department, function and people. Our approach focuses on transfer of learning and enables organisations to create the right conditions outside of the programme to ensure success.

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