KP Snacks

12 March 2021


Employer Voice

Here’s what KP Snacks said about Instep:

At KP we always endeavour to work with providers who absolutely understand our business, live and breathe our values and have the same goals and outcomes we are striving for. It became apparent really early in the process, and from the initial conversations, that Instep had these qualities. I had previously worked with Mandy [Head of Customer Solutions] on apprenticeships and her engagement, knowledge and collaborative style really helped with the process.

At KP we have a mixture of apprenticeships but Instep have been proactive in opening our eyes to new and innovative solutions and we have started internal apprenticeships that we probably hadn’t considered previously. I really liked how Instep strive to try and find the right solutions for the right learner and can definitely give some clear examples of return on investment which helps with stakeholder conversations and ‘buy in’.  Instep have also been very accommodating with the on boarding process and engaging with learners from the beginning, so it felt much more inclusive than other providers we have used in the past.

Overall a great provider who I am confident will be able to assist KP with our apprenticeship strategy for many years to come.

Lisa Fox, OD Lead