The Instep Discovery Process: what it is, how we do it, why it matters

07 March 2023  | 
by Andy Murphy



With the world of work rapidly changing, over 20% of the workforce is expected to be under-skilled by 2030. The skills gap is already taking its toll on businesses, drastically affecting employee performance and productivity.

Yet, when it comes to developing the skills your organization needs to succeed, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Personalised learning is one of the most effective ways for businesses to face modern business challenges head-first with the skills needed to endure both economic crises and technological revolution.

Our goal at Instep is simple: to develop tailored curriculums and learning programmes that strengthen businesses one person at a time. This starts with a comprehensive discovery process that’s geared towards getting to know your business goals and limitations inside and out.

Our Discovery Process

Our discovery process is designed to generate an in-depth understanding of your business. Though some providers would rather skip the discovery process, it’s against our MO.

The discovery phase is a vital process of analysing your current position and identifying the obstacles standing in your way. It’s this insight that allows us to develop realistic goals and develop effective strategies with actionable steps to overcome hindrances to growth with minimal risk and maximum success.

Stage one: consultation and diagnostic

First, we’ll arrange a consultation to discuss your business. Focusing on where you are now and where you’d like to be in the future, the first phase aims to establish a 360 understanding of your requirements.

With a combination of 1:1 sessions and focus groups, we immerse ourselves in your company culture to facilitate the development of the best and most effective learning development strategy for your organisation. During our sessions, we’ll unearth your vision and identify the obstacles preventing you from meeting your goals.

Then, we’ll develop a playback proposition, detailing everything you’ve told us within a comprehensive diagnostic that outlines objectives, challenges and proposed strategy.

Stage two: design and implementation

Once we’re aligned on vision, we’ll design tailored learning programmes and activities to overcome the unique risks and challenges you face. We’ll devise a strategy to tweak the academic framework and deliver it in a way that drives the knowledge, skills and capabilities that align with your business goals.

Optimising each programme for success, we refine and reformulate tutorials to meet your workforce’s unique learning styles, personality types and motivators to maximise efficiency. We’ll also restructure modules and sequencing of each programme to prioritise learning that supports the most urgent business needs.

Stage three: progress

Whether success is measured by reducing staff turnover, re-engaging employees with the business, or enhancing productivity levels, we’ll create monthly executive summaries detailing progress against predetermined KPIs. This means outlining our initial agreement, highlighting what is going well so far and identifying areas where we can improve.


From the moment we engaged with Instep it felt like we were onto a winner! Through the initial meeting it was clearly outlined what was being delivered, how it was being delivered and the full support that would be offered to get a pilot cohort off the ground! The information provided has been thorough and clear throughout, more importantly the communication channels have remained completely open and it has felt like a true partnership in bringing this programme to life at ASOS. The Instep team have been brilliant to work alongside, they aligned two brilliant, experienced coaches to the programme for us to choose from, they took time to understand ASOS, our culture and the learner audience they would be working with. Just as important they do it with true passion, energy and enthusiasm!

Having supported a number of apprenticeships through past years, I could not recommend Jo and Instep enough… they truly set you up for success, work with you to define the outcomes and build a programme that will really add value to the direction of travel. I have no doubt that we will be launching more apprenticeships with Instep in the future.


Why Instep?

With 25+ years working as commercial leadership training providers, we’ve seen first-hand how tailored learning supports business growth and development. Now working as apprenticeship levy providers, we’re dedicated to driving business growth, efficiency and improvement underpinned by bespoke curriculums that bridge the skills gap.

Delivered by highly qualified professionals with extensive real-world experience, we tailor learning programmes to suit your vision, values and strategy to maximize your return on investment.