Empowering women in leadership positions

07 June 2023  | 
by Gavin Duncan



Gender representation and equality have become increasingly important topics in the business world in recent years – and rightly so, considering only 30% of managerial positions in the UK are occupied by women.

With diverse and inclusive cultures proven to boost innovation, financial performance and employee engagement, empowering women in leadership positions helps to drive positive change within the workplace. Leveraging the combined expertise of peers and thought leaders, the Level 5 Women in Leadership course encourages women to convert their personal strengths into powerful leadership styles that thrive in any environment.

L5 Women in Leadership Apprenticeship

With 77% of businesses experiencing a leadership gap, there’s no better time to invest in developing in-house capabilities – starting with women. Through a combination of group workshops, peer learning, assessments, coaching, and seminars, the Women in Leadership programme equips future female leaders with the skills and capabilities to transform the businesses they work for.

Unlocking boundaries, overcoming limits and igniting female talent to whole new levels, the Women in Leadership course presents a unique opportunity for businesses to drive meaningful development organisation-wide. As part of the programme, participants will learn to:

Overcome limiting beliefs

Imposter Syndrome is most commonly experienced by women with more than 75% of female executives experiencing symptoms at some point in their career. The Women in Leadership programme is designed to help women overcome limiting beliefs by building the confidence to unlock their full potential.

Harness ambition

With women drastically underrepresented in managerial positions, it’s unsurprising that many women are consumed with feelings of self-doubt. The Women in Leadership course guides future leaders in shifting their mindsets to grow both ambitious and resilient, allowing them to implement actionable goals each day.

Supports strategic thinking

With a range of education, support and assessment, the Women in Leadership programme helps women develop their leadership skills by becoming effective communicators, strategic thinkers and adept problem-solvers. These skills are essential for women who are looking to advance their careers and take on leadership roles within their organizations.

Shortening the gap

The Women in Leadership course is designed not only to help companies create a more inclusive and diverse workplace but to present women with the opportunity to succeed in leadership positions.

With a tailored learning environment to suit both participants and partners, the Women in Leadership apprenticeship breaks down barriers by fostering a collaborative, innovative and productive learning environment where women gain the skills to lead. Empowering women to develop self-perception, ambition, strategy, and control, the Women in Leadership course establishes an inclusive and diverse workplace that drives change organisation-wide.

What to expect

With over 25+ years in the leadership and development space, Instep is an apprenticeship training provider that’s committed to supporting women in harnessing their strengths to embrace powerful leadership styles. Combining workshops, peer learning, assessments, 1:1 coaching and seminars, the programme ignites female talent and allows it to thrive in otherwise male-dominated environments.

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