Emma Fuller – Learner Voice – Level 3 Team Leader (Functional Skills)

21 February 2020


Learner Voice

A brief biography on the learner:

I work at Connells and I left full time education 28 years ago and had not had to take any exams in that time.

I had maths support to help me prepare for my Functional Skills Level 2 exam. Prior to the support session I had no confidence in myself regarding maths in general as I have always felt it was my weakest subject.

We were asked to choose a number between 1 & 10 depending how confident we are in our Maths ability. I chose 3/10.

Why the programme suited them:

As soon as I entered the room for the support session, Richard put me at ease and explained what we would be going through over the next few hours.

What they got out of it:

During the session I felt as time went on that my confidence grew. The way everything was explained, it made sense as the session went on and I surprised myself with what I knew and could answer.

By the end of the session we were asked to rate our confidence again, I rated myself as an 8/10 this time.  Richard gave me a mock exam to complete and to my surprise I did really well, and it came back as a pass. Again, Richard gave really good and clear feedback which will help when I take the Maths exam.

What the Tutor said:

Emma lacks confidence and belief in herself which can make her anxious. Having said this, she is a determined learner who is used to having a lot of responsibilities and is driven to get things done. Her success is well deserved and she should enjoy it and realise the ability that she has.