Diary of an L&D Professional — 09 October

09 October 2018



Well that was the first Board Meeting in a long time when I was pleased (!!) to see Apprenticeship Levy on the agenda.

My presentation was brilliant (even if I do I say so!)

I was able to provide a crystal-clear picture of ‘the what’ and I brought to life ‘the how’ by sharing a learner’s journey all fully mapped – I even ran a demo on a portal of resources that maps perfectly to our programme – get me!

I have the green light from the Board.

I have absolute confidence with the partner I have selected – and if my old colleague’s experience is anything to go by, we can look forward to the next 8 years and beyond with these guys!

p.s. We’re looking at launching our first programme in December… That is what I call a slick organisation!