BMI Healthcare

Helping healthcare professionals reach Olympic standards


Case Study

When BMI Healthcare wanted to further invest in their trainers, we decided that only Olympic standard training would do for one of the UK’s leading healthcare organisations.


The Brief

Our brief was to raise the quality of training across the business, building on different messages across the three levels. This meant establishing core foundation skills at bronze level and implementing more sophisticated training skills at gold level. Refining techniques, such as the use of metaphors and the effective management of group activities, enabled us to develop the trainers’ skills to world class standard.

Because of our experience across a wide variety of sectors, we were able to draw up programmes which were rigorous and focused – precisely what an Olympic athlete needs in order to cross the finish line ahead of their competitors. BMI Healthcare recognised that its primary goal was the pursuit of excellence and in order to achieve this it saw the value in its staff reaching their full potential. In any environment, that’s worth its weight in gold.

BMI identified three populations of trainers who operated at different levels, both within their hospitals and throughout the regions:

  • Bronze trainers were mostly based in hospitals delivering essential information to staff such as Health & Safety and basic procedural training.
  • Gold trainers were involved in delivering complex, skills-based training, primarily for management and customer service staff.
  • Silver trainers provided a package somewhere between gold and bronze.

Our gold medals are made up of passion, determination and drive. We aspire to put our clients on the podium through world class training solutions, which are worthy of a gold medal.