Develop the skills you need to lead the way with our Women in Leadership Level 5 Apprenticeship Programme.

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Women in Leadership is a 18-month programme + EPA*

Through a combination of group workshops, peer learning, assessments, one-on-one coaching, guest speakers and thought leaders, participants will learn the essential skills, capabilities and behaviours to harness their personal strengths and translate them into a unique and powerful leadership style that can thrive in any environment, especially a male dominated one. Programme intent is to Ignite female talent and unlock the female higher potential.

The programme also gives participants the unique opportunity to be mentored by experienced senior leaders from a large organisation. Our mentors have been selected for their extensive business experience, leadership capability and commitment to meaningful development.

*End Point of Assessment (EPA) period of up to four months.


Who is it for?

The programme is suitable for women who manage teams and/or projects. And how’s key responsibilities may include creating and delivering operational plans, managing projects, leading and managing teams, managing change, financial and resource management, talent management, coaching and mentoring.



Examples of the challenges addressed

In addition to the standard Level 5 Operational/ Departmental Manager (ODM5) training topics, the programme is designed to support participants a wide range of challenges faced by female leaders, including topics such as:

  • Self-perception Overcoming Imposter Syndrome & opening up to and listening for your inner voice.
  • Reality Testing – Managing Bias & recognising emotions or personal bias that cause people to be less objective.
  • Strategy and Control – Dealing with feelings of frustration and belief in own decision-making.
  • Ambition Dispelling the Myth – Mindset shift and resilience.



Learner Journey

Throughout the supported journey you will have pre- and post-work, including e-learning activities, regular one-to-ones with your Learning & Development Coach to enable the transfer of your new learning back into your workplace. This is an 18 month programme with an EPA period of up to 4 months.


Learner journey


The apprentice submits a project proposal that will be 4,000 words including tables, graphs, figures, though excluding references and annexes.

The apprentice will have 12 weeks to write and submit the proposal and the presentation following the EPAO’s approval of the project proposal’s scope and title.

Feature Learning

Feature learning contains activities added to the standard Operational/Departamental Manager Level 5 programme to make it specific to the Women in Leadership programme. This will be a mix of e-learning, guest speakers and tailored content linked into workshops.


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As a participant on this programme, learners will have an opportunity to acquire a clearer understanding of the challenges facing women when taking up senior positions. They will also have an opportunity to step back and consider what they need to do to ensure they develop their leadership in a way that is tailored to their role and context.

The programme will also provide them with a unique opportunity to work with a group of senior women to examine what needs to change in organization practices and culture for women to advance.

They will also have access to a senior level one-to-one coaching/mentor who will provide individualized tailored support based on the participants own set of circumstances – this is in addition to the training sessions and programme tutor.



  • Additional one to one professional coaching sessions for learners with senior level coach.
  • Guest Speakers / Thought Leaders selected based on makeup of learners on programme to ensure connection with the message.
  • Additional focus on coaching to enable learners to coach their own direct reports and also coach sideways and upwards.
  • Qualified trainers who have operated at a senior level (Head of and above) and have undergone their own challenges so they can bring real credibility to the messages they deliver.
  • Pick n mix additional learning resources.
  • Access to recognised Podcasts, e-learning, and wider support materials, group networking & mentoring. Coaching, through qualified and designated personnel.



Talking Taboo Topics

Women in Leadership also tackles workplace taboo topics head-on. The programme focus on things such as the persistent stereotype around a woman’s relationship with power and Ambitious women – dispelling the myths, building alliance – safe learning space, redesigning your female brand and exploring strategies to move your potential beyond imposed limits.


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