Virtual Learning is about to become a real necessity. At Instep, we have developed a fully remote delivery approach to maintain momentum and continue to support and develop your staff.

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Continuing to develop skills of managers and staff and continuing to offer training reassures staff in these uncertain times that there is still value placed upon them – that they matter.

We are ready to deliver training remotely in a way that maintains a truly bespoke and tailored approach and looks out for the individual . Many of our clients are already enjoying the benefits of remote training delivery. We can do this through:

  • Remote training delivery, tailoring and delivering skills in a condensed way to a targeted group of participants
  • Remote 1:1 coaching
  • Bitesize webinars on a variety of soft-skill topics
  • Learning Resources available to host on your intranet to stretch, challenge, refresh and rethink

Using our remote delivery approach, we can onboard, train and coach learners to still achieve a qualification in a ‘normal’ timely manner – there is no need to delay starting a programme!

There are three key elements to our remote delivery model:

  1. Knowledge Input – delivered by the trainer via Microsoft Teams/Skype in shorter, condensed and focused sessions
  2. Knowledge embedding – through our online virtual learning environment which delivers self-directed learning tasks
  3. Skills Development and Behaviour Change – supported by one-to-one coaching / tutoring via Microsoft Teams/Skype

And then, there’s Instep Online!

This is where our virtual learning environment comes into its own!

  • Allows you to access learners’ progress in real time
  • Allows you to see what units your learners are working on so you can offer support
  • Access additional training material to support learning
  • Environmentally friendly – no waste!
  • View upcoming sessions so learners/managers can prepare
  • Counts towards ‘Off the Job’ hours
  • Available 24/7 to suit any working patterns.

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