Become a skilled coach with our Coaching Professional Apprenticeship standard. Work with our highly experienced Trainers and Tutors, who all have extensive industry experience, to develop your knowledge and skills.

Background Shape

The Coaching Professional Apprenticeship is suitable for those who embed coaching throughout their organisation. This could involve working with all levels, and departments within an organisation to ensure a cohesive coaching culture.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirement for this apprenticeship will be decided by each employer.

Functional Skills

Apprentices who have not achieved an A*-C GCSE (or equivalent) in mathematics and English GCSE are required to gain Functional Skills in English and mathematics at Level 2 as part of this apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship in Brief


  • This standard aligns with the following professional recognition:
  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council for Accredited Coaching Practitioner
  • The Association for Coaching for Accredited Coach
  • The International Coach Federation for Associate Certified Coach

Coaching professionals are found in every sector across the country including, for example; the health sector, finance sector, engineering and manufacturing sectors, business and professional services, education sector, retail sector, leisure sector, technology sector and construction.



Delivery Approach

There will be a mix of face-to-face interactions, as well as virtual and digital learning with ongoing support from your Tutor.

Qualifications Gained

Level 5 Coaching Professional Apprenticeship

End Point Assessment

  • Assessment method 1: Observation with questions and answers
  • Assessment method 2: Interview supported by portfolio of evidence
  • Assessment method 3: Knowledge Test

What themes are involved in this standard?

  • Understanding Coaching
  • Coaching Toolkit
  • Coaching Theories
  • The Strategic Coaching Culture
  • Deepening Coaching Skills
  • Demonstrating Coaching Skills

Apprenticeship Journey

Time on programme

You will typically spend 14 months undertaking a detailed programme of learning and development managed by your employer and training provider. You will attend a series of training sessions with your Tutor and Trainer, which is classed as off-the-job training. You will also be trained whilst in the workplace by your employer, this is called on-the-job training.


Once your manager and tutor agree that you are ready for the end point assessment and you have achieved all required elements, you will progress through the gateway to undertake the end point assessment methods listed above.

End-Point Assessment

This will typically last 2 – 3 months and will involve you completing each assessment method.

Apprenticeship Grading

The final grade is based on the performance in both of the assessment methods and they carry equal weighting. The available grades for this programme are Fail, Pass and Distinction.

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