Below is an overview of what our Apprenticeship Programmes features along with what we deliver for our employers.

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Key Features:

Embedded Learning

  • Delivered through a combination of formal and informal delivery, self-study, work-based learning and coaching
  • Training support events, supported by face-to-face and telephone
  • Practical and realistic based learning activities
  • Virtual learning that has been contextualised for the organisation.


  • On-line development of showcase material
  • Supporting resources
  • Logs work done and tracks progress
  • Tutor / trainer support.

Regular Manager Reviews

  • Engaging Line Managers in learner development
  • Grounding the programme by connecting learning to the workplace
  • Identifying development opportunities.


  • Relevant to the business
  • Benefits the learner and organisation
  • Direct application of learning
  • Opportunity for demonstrable impact of learning.

What Our Employers Get:

The Apprentice Gets…

  • Training that’s relevant
  • New skills and confidence
  • Improved career and profile within the workplace
  • Support network
  • On-line learning activities and show case
  • Recognised qualification
  • A unique experience

The Organisation Gets…

  • People with the right skills and behaviours
  • Development that has an impact
  • Apprenticeships that fit the organisation’s succession planning and talent strategy

HR Professionals Get…

  • Supported programme delivery
  • Relevant and appropriate materials mapped to your vision and values
  • Customisable content
  • Tracking / reporting
  • Retained talent
  • Impacted
  • Levy funded to support individuals in the organisation context.

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