Alison Putnam – Learner Voice – Level 2 Customer Service

03 February 2020


Learner Voice

A brief biography on the learner:

My name is Alison and I am 52, I have worked for Connells group for 15 years, 16 this year 2020. As you can see from my age, I am not young but not old either, so it has been an experience, having to learn again and taking exams

I am a Senior Mortgage Co-ordinator, on the New Build team, which comes under the Connells team, in the mortgage business unit.

Why the programme suited them:

I have tried to develop myself, by stepping up in my role, taking on more responsibility, helping new starters with their training. Being available to anybody on our team, or other teams, to answer queries. I have gone for lead positions, coming very close and getting down to the last 2.

This programme helped me to understand client’s need more and how to be more helpful to staff and colleagues. This programme has helped me keep professional and to look at maybe other roles and progression.

What they got out of it:

At first, I was thinking I am not sure if I could continue as I had to do the Maths and English exams, as I have not taken any exams for years. This especially did not help as I had a lot of health issues at the time. On reflection, I did find myself thinking more about the clients, the pressures that they are under.

Both my team and my manager could see sometimes I would be struggling with the learning, while at the same time still being helpful to the team and doing what was asked of me.

I am very proud about what I have achieved, as I have not done any learning for a lot of years. I have challenged myself and believe anybody can do it. I need to realise I can do new things. I am much more confident, cheery, helpful. I can do things when I put my mind to it, I can push myself and my manager can push me as well. That I am a very good team player.

I intend to continue to improve and make an impact by supporting team members, stepping up in my role. I will look at what the next level of training is and find out more information about it, to consider doing another one.

What the trainer says about the learner:

Alison was a great member of the group. She brought with her the wisdom that comes with experience and age. As her confidence was low to begin with as she started to develop her views she supported and challenged the thinking of other members of the group. She was able to translate the learning into practical examples of the working situation. She learned to present and report back in the workshops and despite her reservations was successful in obtaining her Level 2 Functional Skills. She thoroughly deserves her success.