Addo Food Group

Change from the boardroom downwards


Case Study

It’s so rewarding to work with an organisation which not only recognises the need for change but also welcomes that change from the boardroom downwards.

When we partnered with Addo Food Group, a premium supplier for Marks and Spencer, our aim was to help the company, in combination with another training partner, to achieve its Silver Marks & Spencer accreditation, with a specific focus on the people who put the hard work in.

The moment of inspiration in this whole process was when Addo recognised that for the business to thrive and flourish in a highly competitive market, they needed to invest time in their people and their leadership teams and support them through the necessary changes.


The Result

The result has been a fundamental sea-change for the entire organisation; from master classes for the senior leadership team, to a deep seated commitment in investing in all levels of management in order for them to drive the business forward and make the changes for this to happen.

We’ve implemented ideas across the entire workforce which, when blended with the proposals put forward by Lean manufacturing supplier, have aligned leadership, management and the day-to-day running of the factory.

It’s our business to ‘get’ your business so that we can help you make the change. Because of the close relationship we’ve built with Addo we’ve been able to truly understand the organisation and deliver a programme that’s fit for purpose, relevant to what’s happening in the business right now and focused on a bright and prosperous future.