Sophie – Learner Voice – Level 5 Operational Manager

19 August 2021


Learner Voice

A brief biography on the learner:

I started with Connells Survey & Valuation in November 2017 as their Supplier Relationship Manager. My role is focused on improving and maintaining performance and quality with our supplier firms, and to deliver value to both Connells and our clients. I work closely with our Panel Firms, to build and develop the relationship between us and to assist in the expansion of our Panel.

Prior to completing my Level 5 Operational Manager Apprenticeship with Instep, I had completed my Level 3 Business Management and Business Marketing qualification in March 2019 through Open Study College.

Why the programme suited them:

The programme is a combination of management theory and its practical application. By completing this course, I am hoping to apply my theoretical knowledge to develop my practical experience. I am hoping to expand my knowledge around operations management and improve my leadership skills in the process.

I will continue implementing the skills and knowledge I’ve learnt throughout my apprenticeship, which will help me to build good working relationships with suppliers to support them with performance. In addition, it will enable me to continue to develop my own team day-to-day. This allows me to deliver value to both Connells and our clients.

What they got out of it:

Throughout the course I have been pleased with my progress both at work and with the programme. The pace of progression is perfect for me and I have enjoyed the flexibility the course offers. The contents of the programme so far is insightful. I am thoroughly enjoying this learning experience with the support from both my line manager and tutor during this time.

Overall my apprenticeship with Instep has given me the confidence to use my own knowledge and skills and to use these in my day-to-day tasks as well as specific projects that arise. It has expanded my understanding and skills around decision making, leadership and planning.

What the Manager said:

Sophie always put maximum effort and endeavour into anything she does. She is extremely positive and her attitude is very much a “can do” one. I am very pleased with her progress so far but not entirely surprised, as I knew she would throw herself into the programme. Sophie is keen to progress and her success in the learning programme will provide her with a great platform to further develop her skills and techniques. This will not only benefit her throughout her career but will provide those around her with greater confidence in their roles too. It is important to focus on a good level of engagement to harness Sophie’s positive approach to tasks and to ensure she exceeds expectations within the training modules – I believe this will come from both tutor and myself in the coming months.